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there is something magical about the sun, it being able to make me smile no matter what kind of day i’ve been having. i’m more often down than not, so the sunny days can never happen often enough, in my case. if i’m in the sun, wearing a cute summer dress, eating ice cream and surrounded by all these bright colors…. then it’s my kinda day. if only we had twice as many days like that where i live!

although. who’s to say i can’t live anywhere else? i’ve always been envious of the birds being able to fly off to wherever they want, whenever they want. they never have to stick around in one place for too long.. i shouldn’t be envious, i should admire them. follow them! i’ve got one hell of a bucket list and it will aquire quite the amount of traveling for me to finish until my time is up, so i guess i should stop feeling sorry for myself, stop being sad and inadequate and do something about it. i need to see the world, i need new colors in my eyesight. would you like to join me?

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  1. lrudd89 says: 06/17/20129:12 pm

    I would. We can start now. A weekend here, a weekend there. I don’t think a lifetime is long enough to see all the places the sun touches, but we can try, right?

    • initials says: 06/18/201212:47 am

      sweet:) where’d you wanna go first and when?

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