— me. uncensored


please do not change the truth for my sake. do not tell me what you know that i so dearly wish to hear, tell me the real story. what is there, underneath the shadowy sheets of your filthy fixation of life as you wished it would be? 

i need to move on from the dark thoughts that has been consuming my identity and my everyday life, so please my love. spare me the honors, the good deeds, the shallow lies of the world as you know it. i cannot bare it any longer, one day they will not only have consumed me, but the truthful life itself. is that not a too beautiful risk to take, my love? i cannot eat, i cannot sleep. i wish to be near you, only you, to hear your soft whisper in my ear at night and the smell or your perfume.

my darling, my love, i need you too much. my darling my love, still, i cannot be consumed. it will destroy me.

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